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Melissa Alatorre is a self-taught Makeup Artist currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.  She is a first-generation Mexican-American born and raised in San Diego.  Soon after receiving her Bachelors Degree in Jouranlism and Media Studies with a Minor in Psychology from San Diego State University she moved to Hollywood to work in the  television business.  Each TV show she would work on, she would find herself in the makeup room, transfixed by the beauty that was being created by the talented Makeup Artists on set.  It was then that she realized what her true passion had always been, makeup. So she decided to pursue a career as a Freelance Makeup Artist.

By doing makeup on others as a Freelance Makeup Artist, Melissa saw first hand the impact makeup could have on building someone’s confidence.  Now, through the power of social media (YouTube, Instagram, WordPress and more) she is able to not only teach but also inspire others around the world through her work as a Makeup Artist and Digital Influencer.