Let me explain my coconut obsession…  because I am lactose-intolerant, coconut everything quickly became my favorite alternative to dairy food products.  If you were to step into my kitchen you would see coconut EVERYTHING – coconut milk, coconut water, coconut creamer, coconut yogurt.  You name it, I have it.  So it wasn’t to my surprise that I would fall in love with the new Marc Jacobs Coconut Primer.

For a long time I wasn’t an avid primer user, mainly because I never really wanted my makeup to stay on for that long anyway.  Also, when working on photoshoots, the model tends to only have the makeup on for only a few hours so I saw no point in doing the priming.   However, now when I’m filming makeup tutorials and taking detailed photographs of my makeup I want it to be as pristine as possible, for the longest amount of time possible.  The Marc Jacobs Coconut primer does exactly that!

Retailing at $44 this primer is definitely a splurge, but in my opinion it is worth the money because of the fact that it plays well with a large variety of foundations.  Normally I would  buy the primer that corresponds with the foundation (if using the Makeup For Ever HD foundation I would use the Makeup For Ever HD primer etc.) because I didn’t want to risk pairing the wrong primer with the wrong foundation resulting in the slipping and sliding of your foundation on the skin, catastrophe!  I have been testing out this primer with a variety of foundations and concealers and it has played well with every single one that I own so far.

The first ingredient is water and the third ingredient is Coconut Alkanes which comes from the pulp of the coconut and acts as a humectant making this a SUPER hydrating primer.  If your going to put the word “coconut” in the name of your product it better be one of the first ingredients I see on the label!  Heading into the cold fall/winter months this makes a great addition to your makeup routine for the season.

To recap, because the Marc Jacobs Coconut primer mixes well with many different foundations and does superb job at providing the skin with a great dose of hydration – I give this primer two thumbs up!  Keep an eye out for it in my upcoming YouTube videos!

You can pick on up at your local Sephora!


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